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Cha’s Organics believes in better business practices that support organic agriculture and fair trade principles. They believe in offering customers food choices that are both nourishing and delicious. Cha’s Organics spices and coconuts are all grown on biodiverse, small and medium scale family-owned organic farms.

Coconut Whipping Cream

NEW PRODUCT -- Whips perfectly, every time.

Flavoured Coconut milk

Curry Masala or Lemongrass Ginger. 400 mL BPA free easy-open cans.

Coconut Cream

Full cream coconut cream. 400 mL BPA free easy-open cans.

Lite Coconut Milk

A lighter coconut milk. 400 mL BPA free easy-open cans.

Premium Coconut Milk

High grade coconut milk. 400 mL BPA free easy-open cans.

Ayur Masala Curry Powder

A unique blend of turmeric, lemongrass, curry leaf, true cinnamon, ginger, and white pepper. 30g

Black Peppercorns

Cultivated by organic growers on biodiverse spice gardens, these are harvested and sun dried to produce Cha's Organics Fairtrade certified Black Peppercorns. 30g, 120g, 500g


Know as the "Queen of Spices", cardamom is a great digestive aid that also reduces the stressful effects of caffeine when added to tea or coffee. 20g

Chili Pepper

Caution: seriously hot! Crushed chili pepper. 30g


True/Ceylon cinnamon sticks in 25g, 80g and 350g sizes and ground powder in 30g, 130g, 500g


Whole clove. 25g


Purchased on ethical terms from organic growers in India. Coriander seed, whole, 25g and 400g. Coriander seed, ground, 150g.


A must-have for any serious cook with a love for international cuisine. Cumin seed, whole, 30g and 500g. Cumin seed, ground, 30g, 150g, 500g.

Curry Leaf

An essential ingredient in South Indian and Sri Lankan curries. Whole leaves. 10g

Curry Masala Curry Powder

Exotic spices and signature notes of True Cinnamon. 30g, 150g

Fennel Seed

Powerful anti-oxidants and digestive aids, fennel seeds add a hint of sweet licorice flavour. 30g


Sweet, earthy notes and many health benefits. 30g


Cha’s Organics Ground Ginger is of a more delicate variety native to Sri Lanka. 30g, 500g


Fairtrade certified and grown by organic producers on biodiverse spice gardens in Sri Lanka. 10g stems or 150g powder.


Supercharge smoothies, favourite pesto dishes and baked delights. Moringa leaf powder. 150g


Warm, spicy aroma and flavour. Ground or whole. 30g


Rich in curcumin and other phytonutrients, this is far from your average spice. Slices, 10g or ground 30g, 150g, 500g.

Masala Chai black tea

Carefully selected fragrant spices and premium black tea. 150 g loose leaf spiced black tea.


Young Jackfruit in brine. 400mL BPA free easy-open cans.

Tumeric Latte

Simple, clean ingredients. Uncompromising taste.

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