Embrace the Italian zest for life. Whether with friends, family, alone or together……… Giovanni Organic Pasta always fits the occasion. True beliefs are permanent. From our humble beginnings in 1986 through to today our talented team is inspired to produce premium quality foods. These beliefs, Italian creativity and vision brings the best from the past in proven pasta tradition – nothing has changed since then.

Delicious Organic stuffed pasta that is shelf stable and made in Germany. Giovanni Organic Pasta has been made with the finest natural and organic ingredients. Our ingredients are not only characterized by its unmistakably Mediterranean and sundrenched taste, they all come from controlled organic cultivation. The addition of vegetarian or vegan products to the product range was just a small step from there.

All our Semi-fresh products are vacuum packed and are shelf stable for 365 days
-Unique European flavours with 3 Vegan sku’s & 2 Vegetarian
– Organic and non GMO
– All pasta is created without egg
– No refrigeration required
– Excellent cross merchandising opportunities
– One Package feeds 2 or 3 People
– 250g high yield package yields approx. 400+g in 12-15 minutes


Organic pasta with vegetable filling.

Cheese-Spinach Ravioli

Organic pasta with cheese and spinach filling.

Pumpkin-Apple Cappelletti

Organic pasta with pumpkin and apple filling.

Ricotta Tortellini

Organic pasta with cheese filling.

Vegetable Tortellini

Organic pasta with vegetable filling.

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