Being fit both mentally and physically is a key part to having successful active days. We’ve developed a formula with the perfect ratio of nutrients to help you reach such a state.

HOLOS is a creamy and crunchy organic overnight muesli; a blend of organic whole grains, nuts, seeds, spices and dried fruit that comes in four distinct flavours.

Chai Sachet

Delicious chai flavours with only 370 calories.
90g Packet.

Cocoa Sachet

The deliciousness of chocolate, without the regret. Only 370 calories per sachet!
90g Packet.

Peanuts + Maple Sachet

Gluten-free rolled oats and peanuts, mixed with maple flavour, all wrapped up in only 370 calories.
90g Packet.

Vanilla Sachet

Classic vanilla flavour mixed with all your favourite healthy snacks, and only 370 calories!
90g Packet.