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Pure Edibles’ Mediterranean Garden and Olé La Salsa are unique Canadian tomato products.

All eight tomato sauce products and two salsa products are Non-GMO and Vegetarian and all but two are Certified Gluten Free. Each pasta sauce is also personified with a unique family member that reflects the style and premium taste of each sauce; you can instantly make a visual connection and quickly understand the authentic and personal experience you will get from your selection.

Tomato Basil

Fresh from the garden to your plate, this great tasting tomato & basil pasta sauce is a must have for enhancing your next pasta recipe! 730mL

Roasted Garlic

All natural oven roasted garlic pasta sauce. Mediterranean Garden's Wood Oven Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce will keep you coming back for seconds! 730mL


All natural sauce with a slight spice. 730mL


All natural basic tomato sauce. 730mL


All natural pasta sauce with vodka. 730mL

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