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Patsy Pie is a Canadian company producing gluten-free, wheat free homestyle cookies and pie crust. The cookies are taste-tested by people who don’t need to eat gluten free. The pie crust is a gluten-free version of a classic pie crust that can be used for cream and custard pies, cheesecake, quiche, and more!

Pie Crust

Old-fashioned crumble crust. Vegan. 180g


Classic all butter lemon shortbread cookies. Gluten free. 180g

Chocolate Chip

Classic all butter chocolate chip cookies. Gluten free. 180g

Snappy Ginger

Classic all butter ginger snap cookies. Gluten free. 180g

Peanut Butter

Classic all butter peanut butter cookies. Gluten free. 180g


Classic biscotti available in two flavours: Cranberry Orange, Almond. Gluten free. 165g

Chocolate Cantuccini

Organic mini chocolate biscotti. Gluten free, OVO-vegetarian. 165g

Quinoa Cookies

Organic quinoa cookies in two flavours: Choco-orange, Double Chocolate. Gluten free, vegan. 180g

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