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They scour the world for gourmet free-from food that not only tastes great, but is high in nutritional value. When you eat Solenzi products, you are not consuming empty calories, but consuming calories that are full of natural fibre & vitamins. No additives, chemicals, fillers or GMO. Their entire product range is selected to bring you the highest quality natural food, with no compromise.

Rice Pasta

Flavours: Turmeric Fusilli, Spinach Fusilli, Beetroot Fusilli, Tricolour Fusilli, Turmeric Gnocchetti. 250g

Corn Pasta

Flavours: Tricolour Penne, Turmeric & Black Pepper Penne. 250g

Chickpea Pasta

Flavours: Chickpea Gnocchetti. 250g

Red Lentil Pasta

Flavours: Red Lentil Fusilli. 250g

Green Pea Pasta

Flavours: Green Pea Fusilli. 250g

Sorghum Pasta

Flavours: Sorghum & Purple Carrot Penne. 250g

Antipasto - Tomatoes

Flavours: Rich Sun-dried Tomatoes, Juicy & Sweet Oven Roasted Tomatoes. - 180g.

Antipasto - Peppers

Flavours: Cherry Peppers filled with Goat Cheese, Oven Roasted Red & Yellow Pepper Mix - 280g. The Sweetest Sun-dried Peppers. - 190g

Antipasto - Other Veg

Flavours: Smoky Grilled Artichokes, Sun-dried . 180g

Sun-dried Tomatoes

Organic vegetables are picked at their peak and then naturally dried in the sun which further enhances them with vitamin A & D. 100g

Chef's Ingredients

Flavours: Sun-dried Vegetables & Spice Mix, Sun-dried Porcini Mushroom & Vegetable Mix, Sun-dried Vegetables & Chilli. 40g

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