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Tiny Hero Golden Quinoa is processed to remove the bitter saponin coating that naturally encases the cylindrical seed. This makes the quinoa ready for use by the consumer. The Quinoa varieties grown on the prairies are said to be more flavourful than the white seeded South American types, while being nutritionally similar. Regulated harvesting, handling, processing and cold storage combine for a clean product of highest quality. Tiny Hero Brand Golden Quinoa is certified organic by the Pro-Cert Organic Systems LTD. 

Quinoa is gluten free and is therefore a natural choice for people unable to tolerate gluten in their diet.  Northern Quinoa takes great care to prevent contamination of our processing and milling equipment by gluten containing products. Tiny Hero products have a kosher certificate issued by the Kashruth Council of Canada. 


Golden Quinoa is an ideal side dish, base for a salad and is delicious is soups. Ready in just 12 minutes.

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