Marketing Support

We have as much passion for your brand as you do.

We look for brands that are complementary to our current portfolio and work to develop your brand with you. At Planet Foods, you are assigned a brand manager that has an affinity for your market space that will work with you through the day to day to support, listings and, promotions that will create excitement at store level. We also invest in developing awareness of your brand through community involvement, creative sponsorship, and social media activation.

As part of the Planet Foods family you have access to our marketing experts for contests, merchandising and displayer opportunities to be featured at the events we sponsor. We reach over 20,000 consumers at races, and other active lifestyle events and trade shows across Canada.

We have a summer and winter program that allows us to engage your brand with consumers, including samples at our event tents. Our event team is well versed in the attributes of your products, where it is available in the area and in using social media to highlight your brand at each event. Our retail team ensures your brand is displayed in retail stores so everyone at the event can go and purchase. By marketing 360 degrees we ensure we have maximum impressions for your brand in the area.

Our team will help you navigate the Natural, Fitness, and Traditional Grocery channels to provide support for sustainable growth for years to come.